Artist Paints Mural on Charlie’s Corner Building

Charlie's Corner Mural Secaucus

Artist Lunar New Year painted a large mural honoring Henry Krajewski on the side of the Charlie's Corner facing Wilson Avenue over the weekend. Krajewski is one of Secaucus' first national figures. The owner of a 4,000-pig farm in town, he ran for the United States Presidency in 1952 and 1956 and for the New Jersey Governorship three times (1953, 1957 and 1961). The mural … [Read more...]

Secaucus’ Swinish Past


The Meadowlands History blog delved into Secaucus' historical "penchant for pigs" at one point counting 250,000 of the animals on 55 farms in town. Pig farmers wielded significant political power in town and, of course, Charlie Krajewski's presidential bids in the 1950s underscored the view of Secaucus as a swine-friendly. “In those days, cars didn’t have air-conditioning, … [Read more...]