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Secaucus’ Swinish Past

The Meadowlands History blog delved into Secaucus’ historical “penchant for pigs” at one point counting 250,000 of the animals on 55 farms in town.

Pig farmers wielded significant political power in town and, of course, Charlie Krajewski’s presidential bids in the 1950s underscored the view of Secaucus as a swine-friendly.

“In those days, cars didn’t have air-conditioning, and it didn’t matter how hot or humid it was – we weren’t about to roll down our windows,” said Rich Fritzky, a Hackensack native whose family made many trips through the Meadowlands in the 1950s and early 1960s.

To those who moved into town more recently, read more about the pig farm past and what happened to the thousands of pigs here.