Secaucus Animal Horrors

The last couple days has delivered a pail of animal-related stories in Secaucus, both equally disturbing.

On Sunday, ran a story highlighting the horrific experience of man from Passaic who dropped his two dogs off at the PetSmart in Secaucus for a weekend stay. One of the dogs died shortly thereafter, despite being relatively young with no previous health issues.

According to the article, the dog’s owner called PetSmart for an explanation but was told to expect an answer from the corporate office within five days. As of now, there has been no explanation for the dog’s death.

Even more troubling, a shelter told the owner “at least one other pet” had died mysteriously at the Secaucus PetSmart in the same manner.

Secaucus PetSmart

In a story that reached a wider audience yesterday, Secaucus has charged Eugenio Oramas of Union City with 51 counts of animal cruelty for an assortment of birds he was keeping in coops at 210 Secaucus Road.

When we first mentioned this story, the 56-year-old Oramas claimed he raised the birds as a hobby. The town ordered that he remove the ducks, roosters, hens and turkeys, which were violating a town ordinance which prohibits the breeding or raising of farm animals.

However, when mayor Michael Gonnelli followed up on the property with a surprise visit on Sunday, he made a shocking discovery. “There was a 55-gallon drum of feathers and feet. This was his hobby, to raise them to butcher them,” Gonnelli told the Jersey Journal.

Gonnelli called the police and Oramas was arrested and charged.

Check out the video below from NBC News for more of the gruesome details:

A trailer containing 26 roosters belonging a Newark man was found near Oramas’ lot. The roosters were apparently being used for cockfighting, according to Gonnelli.

All of the birds that were rescued are being sent to a farm in Hunterdon.

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