Nightclub Music Irks Secaucus

A Carlstadt nightclub across the river from Secaucus has drawn the ire of residents and officials after late night music could be heard from the North End in June.

Dragonfly, which sits on Outwater Lane across the Hackensack River from Trolley Park and the Riverside Court condos, as well as residential homes in town, was playing loud music into the “wee hours” before Secaucus filed a complaint with Bergen County, said 2nd Ward Councilman John Bueckner.

“We hear it in the north end of town because it comes right across the river,” said Bueckner.

Mayor Mike Gonnelli said the Bergen County Regional Health Commission visited Secaucus to take decibel readings. Where the allowable noise tops out at 49 on the meter, Gonnelli said the music from the club heard in Secaucus registered as high as 65 to 70.

The BCRHC issued a violation to the club on June 12 and it had until July 12 to justify its activities.

“Basically what it’s doing is they have to appear in a Carlstadt courtroom and justify why this music is going on and why they should be able to conduct that type of operation,” said Bueckner, before adding, “with little regard for the surrounding areas.”

We reached out to Dragonfly and will post their response if we get one. The club made some headlines last year after a late-night visit by Charlie Sheen.

Gonnelli said residents have called him holding their phones out so he can hear the music. After a late-night complaint, Gonnelli said he called the mayor of Carlstadt, who “went over and shut them down” at around 12:30 a.m.