eSecaucus Week in Review, June 18-24

Each week, eSecaucus will post a recap of the week’s most popular stories and keep track of how many people visited the site.

Follow the Crowd: From June 18-24, 2,607 unique visitors made 4,075 visits to eSecaucus and viewed a total of 21,768 pages.

Most Readers: Even a week later, the resignation of superintendant Cynthina Randina continues to be the hottest stort on eSecaucus, drawing 1,366 views.

People Are Talking: As summer begins, it was the opening of a new yogurt establishment in Secaucus Plaza that generated the most chatter with six comments.

At the Polls: In the current eSecaucus Poll of the Week, readers can cast their vote on the most important quality for Randina’s replacement.

Facebook: eSecaucus gathered four “Likes” on Facebook to raise our total to 641.

Twitter: eSecaucus picked up another follower on Twitter to raise our number to 275. Follow us on Twitter!

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