Elwell Witness Gets Probation

Ronald Manzo, the confidant of ex-Mayor Dennis Elwell who cut a deal and testified in the bribery case against former mayor, was sentenced to three years probation and five months home confinement in federal court in Newark this morning.

Judge Jose Linares, who sentenced Elwell to 30 months in prison last month, noted Manzo’s cooperation with the government and the fact that he has been under home confinement since July 2009, according to the Associated Press.

Ronald Manzo
Ronald Manzo

Manzo pled guilty in 2011 to conspiracy to commit extortion after passing Elwell $10,000 from FBI informant Solomon Dwek, who was posing as a real estate developer trying to get favoritism on development projects.

Manzo admitted to arranging to a meeting between Elwell and Dwek at La Reggia Restaurant and receiving the payment. He faces up to 18 months in prison.

Elwell was convicted in July and sentenced April 6.