NJT Hearing Set for Secaucus

New Jersey Transit will likely get an earful tonight in Secaucus as the fiscally challenged state agency hosts a public hearing at the Lautenberg Rail Station regarding its proposed 25 percent fare hike.

The hearing, slated from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., is one of 11 being held around the state as NJ Transit seeks to close a $300M budget gap with an across-the-board fare increase.

The hike would raise the $2.55 one-way bus fare from Secaucus to Manhattan to $3.20. The $3.25 one-way train ticket would jump to about $4.06, depending on the rounding.

The rate increase is set to take effect on May 1 and would raise $140M in revenue, NJ Transit said. Off-peak discounts would also be cut.

A local couple in Seacucus have been working to organize opposition to the plan online through Facebook, Twitter and other tools.